Instructor Training

To become a Cosmetology Instructor a student must complete 1000 hours of additional training.  Anyone interested in becoming an Instructor must be a graduate of an approved beauty school and the person must hold a current Mississippi Cosmetology license.  Applicants must have six semester hours approved by the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology.  The subject matter is as follows; training in theory observation, skill observation, the professional teacher, student motivating, methods, management, testing evaluation, and Cosmetology law, rules and regulations.  The instructor training also includes practical training and technical instruction covering all practices of Cosmetology.  For persons interested in a career as a Cosmetology Instructor the following employment opportunities are as follows; School Manager, School Instructor, Platform Educator, Lecturer, Styles Director, or School Ownership.
Clock Hours Required:1000 Hours
Tuition Costs:$5,500
Books and Kit Costs: Non-Refundable Once Issued$1,300.00
Registration Fee: Non-Refundable$175.00
Total Program Cost:$6,975.00
3 Year Average Completion Rate: Percentage of students that actually graduated79.71%
3 Year Average Licensure Rate: Percentage of graduates that passed the licensing exam94%
3 Year Average Placement Rate: Percentage of graduates eligible
for employment that are employed in the cosmetology field

Instructor Training Kit